Motorcycle Batteries for Sale at High-Value Prices

If you’re looking for high-quality motorcycle batteries for sale, you needn’t look further than us. We sell many of our products online, but if you’re unsure of what you need, we welcome you to visit one of our stores in Brendale, Caboolture, Northlakes or Underwood. Keep reading below for useful advice on batteries, such as how to keep them clean and maximise their life expectancy.

Tips Regarding Cheap Motorcycle Batteries

Even though we only sell high-quality batteries that you can rely on to power your bike for years to come, you can extend the lifespan of your motorcycle’s battery by remembering the following useful pointers:

  • Clean your battery regularly: Even if you don’t use your bike for months, your battery can self-discharge and go flat over time. Often, this is a result of dirt and dust covering the cell which, in conjunction with high humidity, can cause problems. So, if you want your battery to remain in optimal condition, remove the dirt and dust every month, regardless of how often you ride.
  • Remember to clean the terminals: Copper sulphate and acid accumulations can harm your battery and prevent it from fully recharging. Eventually, such accumulations can render your battery useless. You should use a mixture of water and baking soda to wash your terminals, which you might want to remove from the battery before cleaning to prevent spillages from damaging other components of your motorcycle.
  • Bring your battery for an inspection: Some of the most avid motorcyclists know how to ride but not necessarily how to maintain their two-wheeled machines. If you’re unsure of how to clean your battery safely, you ought to consider bringing it to our mechanics for an inspection. We’ll either repair or replace your battery depending on what’s best for your bike and finances, and you can trust us for honest advice.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Battery Charger by Allstar Batteries

At Allstar Batteries, we have a broad range of smart battery chargers for sale, which is advantageous for your bike for reasons including:

  • They don’t overcharge your battery: While trickle chargers are often more affordable than our smart alternatives, they can overcharge your battery and cause permanent and often irreversible damage. You don’t need to take such a risk when you invest in one of our more sophisticated alternatives.
  • They’re programmable: We have batteries available for all types of bike, whether you ride a Harley Davidson or tear up the track on a dirt bike. We can recommend a smart charger that won’t charge your battery too quickly and cause damage as a result. We also have programmable solutions that maintain your battery to the highest standards.
  • You don’t need to unplug your charger: Whether you have a spare bike or only use your motorcycle during the summer, you can leave your battery connected to a smart charger without having to worry about any issues arising. Keeping your charger connected to your battery permanently can help prolong the lifespan of the battery itself.

Why an Allstar Batteries 12v Motorcycle Battery Is Cost-Effective

Not only do we aim to remain the most affordable supplier of batteries, but we also cover them with extended warranties and help you make them survive for as long as possible. For high-value products, exceptional customer service and fantastic guarantees, look no further than Allstar Batteries. Call us for more information.