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General Features:

  • High Capacity starting power - to start any size engine.
  • Highest reserve capacity in the industry - to power a wide range of accessories.
  • Cycling capability - to provide longevity.
  • Superior conductivity - brass terminals provide greater electrical transmission.
  • Durability - rugged design to withstand shock and vibration.
  • Charge efficiency - faster recharge than conventional wet batteries.
  • Convenience - maintenance free sealed construction - no water needed.

Fullriver's HC dual purpose batteries are your best solution for a high capacity starting battery with unrivaled reserve capacity to power all your accessories.

Dual purpose batteries are used in many applications including; Automotive, Commercial, Emergency Vehicles, Marine, RV, power sports and many more.  Fullriver's HC dual purpose batteries are designed to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles.  All this power with the convenience and benefits of being non-hazardous and maintenance free.

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