Got a question? Read through our FAQs

Q:  How do I choose the correct battery?

A:  All you have to do is tell us the make, model and year of your car, bike or boat etc and we can match one to suit OR if you bring in your old battery we can match to that.  If your needs are more complicated come in and we can have a chat and get you the correct battery to meet all your requirements.

Q:  Can I purchase a battery and then have it sent to me?

A:  Some batteries can't be taken by a courier under their strict chemical regulations but smaller batteries for your laptop, mobile phone, laptop, power tools etc can be sent and also for you car, boat, motorcycle, caravan etc all AGM batteries can be couriered.

Q:  I'm not sure if my battery is dead or another problem, can you check it?

A:  If you bring in your car we are happy to test the capacity of your battery and let you know if you need to replace the battery.

Q:  Will you fit my car battery? And is there a cost for this?

A:  We are happy to fit your new battery purchased from us FREE of charge.

Q:  Will changing a battery lose the computer readings?

A:  If we fit your battery for you we can hook it up to an alternative power supply so you won't lose your information.

Q:  What warranty is on your batteries?

A:  We honour all the manufacturers warranties and they differ from brand to brand.

Q:  I only use my jet-ski in summer and not regularly, what can I do with it in between?

A:  Come in and speak to our sales representative about a maintenance charger that will suit your current battery. A maintenance charger is also perfect for your in frequently used performance or weekend hot rod.

Q:  I need a battery for my caravan and would like to run a fridge and accessories off it, is this possible? And what is the best option?

A:  There are a few options available to you.  Come in and speak to a sales representative about the deep cycle options we stock that would best suit you and your application.

Q:  I want a more powerful battery than what is currently in my 4x4 but there isn't enough space, what are my options?

A:  Come in and speak to a sales representative as we stock a range of products and accessories that can help, from dual battery kits & trays to a range of sealed AGM batteries that can be fitted in alternative positions.

We have the northside of Brisbane covered when it comes to your battery requirements so drop into one of our main stores at Brendale, Caboolture or North Lakes.


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