Look to Allstar Batteries for a 12v Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Are you looking for a 12v deep cycle marine battery that can power a trolling motor, store energy harvested through solar technology or allow you to use multiple 12v appliances onboard your vessel? If so, Allstar Batteries can help. We carry an array of both deep cycle batteries and marine batteries.

Benefits of a 12-volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Usually, when we talk about batteries for vehicles, we are talking about starter batteries. The battery powers the starter so that you can get the engine going. From there, the battery’s job is done and other components of the car or vehicle take over. For marine applications, though, the battery often needs to do more than just engage the starter. A deep cycle marine battery meets that need by bringing these benefits to the table:

  • They discharge small amounts of current over long periods of time: Rather than delivering a large amount of power for a few seconds at a time, deep cycle batteries are designed to provide small amounts of current over much longer periods of time—sometimes hours or even days. They are built to withstand the pressures of a deep discharge and a long recharge cycle.
  • They can power items that need a continuous supply of energy: On a boat, it’s not uncommon to have multiple components or appliances that require a continuous flow of energy. A trolling motor, for instance, requires a consistent supply of power to keep the propeller on your boat spinning. A deep cycle marine battery can keep up this flow of power.
  • They allow you to use devices or appliances when the main motor isn’t operating: If you are only using the trolling motor, or even just floating in the water or anchored somewhere, you likely still want access to some of the instruments or appliances on your boat. A 12-volt deep cycle marine battery can meet these needs, powering everything from navigation instruments and depth sounders to refrigerators, radios and TVs.

Problems Allstar Batteries Addresses

At Allstar Batteries, we address some of the common problems with shopping for deep cycle marine batteries, including:

  • Reservations about battery quality: The last thing you want is to get out to sea, only to realise that your deep cycle battery is dead and not able to power your trolling motor or keep your fridge running. At Allstar Batteries, we conduct thorough testing on every battery we sell, to ensure quality performance and reliability for our customers.
  • Batteries not meant for onboard marine conditions: Marine batteries are often subject to a great deal of vibration, impact and heat. Most of the deep cycle or marine batteries we carry at Allstar Batteries are designed specifically for these intense conditions. For instance, the Blue Top deep cycle marine battery range from Optima is 15 times more resilient to vibration than the average battery.

Finally, the Allstar Batteries team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with smart recommendations for your battery needs.

Why Allstar Batteries Is Cost-Effective

Allstar Batteries is one of the most dependable vehicular battery shops in all of Australia. When you shop with us, you not only get a wide range of batteries to choose from, but you also get the product endorsement of people like us—people who know vehicles and batteries like they know their own hands. If you need a reliable 12v deep cycle marine battery, you can trust that we will find it for you. Contact us today to get started.