What's the difference between a normal and a high-performance car battery?

Batteries are the starter pistol of every vehicle. Without them, none of our cars, trucks, utes, motorbikes or 4WDs are going anywhere. They do everything from giving the engine the kickstart it needs to powering all the amazing mod cons we have in our vehicles now like radios, GPS, reversing cameras, etc. Some cars have luxury features or need some additional grunt (like high-performance vehicles) that only a high-performance battery can provide.

What’s the difference between a ‘normal’ battery and a ‘high-performance’ battery?

Most car batteries, on average, will last around three to five years. When it comes time to replace the battery in your car, it’s always tempting to go for the cheapest, easiest option, but that can sometimes end up costing you more in the long run. For all the money we put towards our cars in terms of petrol, tyres, accessories, etc, it makes sense to ensure you have a high-quality battery to keep you powering those roads and getting away on weekends.

When we talk about high-performance batteries, it’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t necessarily mean they output more power (like a high-performance engine), it's that they’re high-quality and, as such, have a range of features that help them to last longer and support a wider range of applications.

High-quality batteries last longer

Like most things, the higher the quality, the better they are and the longer they last. This also goes for batteries. High-performance batteries will last longer and perform at a higher level throughout their lifetime when compared to cheaper, inferior-quality batteries.

It’s no different to buying high-quality batteries for a flashlight or other battery-operated device. Cheap batteries, whilst saving you money up front, end up costing you more because they just don’t last, and you end up replacing them more often.

High-performance batteries support a wider range of systems

Modern cars now come with a huge range of electronic elements that need to be powered by the battery. Interior lighting, seat warmers, reversing cameras, LED headlights, GPS, sound systems and other accessories must be powered by the battery.

A low-quality battery will underperform when it comes to powering all these different systems. In contrast, a high-performance battery will take on the challenge of powering everything your car needs with ease.

Suppose you’ve added additional features to your vehicle, like extra cameras. In that case, dash cams, a bigger sound system or sunroofs and a high-performance battery will help your vehicle perform at its best. Cheaper, lower-quality batteries are more prone to fail when put under the higher loads experienced with additional features in your vehicle.

High-performance batteries require less maintenance

If you’re constantly popping your car's bonnet to determine why the battery is having issues, this is a sure-fire sign you’ve got a sub-quality battery under the hood. Cleaning terminals and replacing electrolytes in your battery isn’t something you should have to do very often, if at all.

A high-performance battery is much more likely to perform well no matter the conditions, type of vehicle or what it needs to power.

High-performance batteries work well in all types of weather conditions

If you’re not aware, cold conditions can have an impact on your battery's performance. Lower-quality batteries find it more difficult to produce the power required to start your vehicle in cold weather, and the chemical process in a conventional lead/acid battery can also be very sluggish in colder weather.

As you can see, there are several benefits to purchasing a high-performance battery for your vehicle. If you would like to speak with a battery specialist about your vehicle's requirements, please contact us today or send us an email and we would be happy to chat about your battery needs.

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