Telltale signs your car battery is about to die

There’s nothing worse than sitting in the carpark, running late, in the rain and you turn the key to start your car and nothing. Absolutely bugger all. No sound. No roar of the engine. No turnover, nothing.

A dead car battery can be frustrating at the best of times but it's even worse when you’ve got a boot full of groceries or it's the middle of summer and your kids are crying in the back.

Dead car batteries are unfortunately an inevitability, as they don’t last forever, but if you know the signs your battery is about to die, you can avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.

How to tell if your car battery is just about to die

We all want to avoid being stranded if possible, so it's important to know about the signs your car battery is about to die. Here are some of the top signs your battery is about to snuff it.

The engine sounds a bit… off
When you start the car the engine sounds like it’s lagging or turning over more slowly than usual. This could be because there’s not enough charge going through to the components that start the engine, thus making it work harder to get the charge needed to turn over.

Your car battery is over three years old
Car batteries over three years of age are less likely to withstand weather conditions that are extremely hot or incredibly cold. If you live in a part of Australia that reaches high or low temperatures (or both!) then it’s possible your battery might not last as long as your brethren who live in more temperate climates.

You’ve left your car for months without starting it
Letting your car sit for extended periods of time can impact on your battery life. Things like your car’s clock, alarm light and other electronics all draw current from your battery and if you don’t start it from time to time to give the alternator a chance to recharge the battery, there’s a chance it could run out of charge and become flat.

Dash lights are dim or flashing
If your dash lights are super dim and difficult to see, particularly at night, this might be a sign your battery is running out of juice. If your car battery is losing its charge, this will affect the electronics as they’re not running on full power. So if you notice something a little squirly with your electric seats, radio, reversing camera, etc, this could be a sign your car battery is slowly dying.

Your engine smells like rotten eggs
If you open your bonnet and are met with a stench that reminds you of five-day-old egg and lettuce sandwiches, there’s a possibility that your battery is leaking and it’s a good idea to get it to one of our stores as quickly as possible so one of our team can check it out for you.

The check engine light is on
Don’t be like Penny from The Big Bang Theory and ignore your check engine light. If you see this light on, it could mean a range of different things including your battery running low on charge.

The battery terminals are corroded
If you open your bonnet only to be greeted with a green powdery looking growth where the battery connects, this is corrosion. If corrosion builds up enough on the connectors, this can stop any charge coming through from the battery. Now, it may be the case you might just need to clean the terminals and you’re good to go or you may need a new battery depending on the damage and how long the corrosion has been there.

These are the top seven signs your battery is about to die. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please feel free to call any of our Brisbane based car battery stores to get advice on your next move and if we have your car’s make and model in stock.




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