The biggest Drag Racing event in Australia took place at Willowbank Raceway this past weekend the 8-12th June. The Allstar Batteries funnycar was set to compete in the Top Alcohol category, but went into the weekend feeling a little shaky as the previous weekends testing plans had to be cancelled due to the weather.

Slightly unsure of the cars performance and set-up heading into qualifying session 1 on Saturday with a new car and computer setup on board, no one knew how the funnycar would run. And definitely no one predicted this run, straight after the launch the violent tyre shake shook off the steering wheel and slammed the funnycar into the wall, whilst in the drivers seat Steve unsuccessfully attempted to put the steering wheel back on and slid the remaining ¼ mile along the concrete barrier.

A few cosmetic touch ups and a new set of header pipes meant the funnycar could front up on the start line for Q2, doing exactly as it should have in the 1st run it ran a 5.65 Elapsed Time @ 254 mph.

Sunday was the last 2 qualifying sessions to seat the 13 Top Alcohol cars into the top 8 ready for eliminations. Q3 was unsuccessful with bad tyre shake and Steve shut it down. However further cementing the previous performance Q4 was successful with a 5.61et @ 255mph landing the team into 5th qualifying position for race day.

Race day Monday struggled to get under way as the grey clouds hovered over Willowbank Raceway. In the end the decision was made to continue running as so many of the categories championships had been left undecided, so now it was race day Tuesday.

The die hard fans were still there to witness some fantastic Drag Racing and this time the weather permitted the FUCHS Winternationals to be run in its entirety.

Round 1 of eliminations paired up number 4 qualifier John Cannuli and the Reed Racing team, a great funnycar match up but it was all won and lost on the start line with Cannuli’s red light handing to win the Steve’s funnycar.

In round 2 we see the funnycars taking over the Top Alcohol category when Steve met Steve Ham’s funnycar on the line. Ham could not beat Reed’s 5.65et to see the Allstar Batteries funnycar into the finals.

For the final match up of the season Jamie Noonan was unable to front up to the start line due to damage and therefore the funnycar had a bye run into the winner’s circle, Steve still pedalled the car to a 5.80et.

An awesome result for the team and with thanks to them for all their hard work this weekend and for the season. And what a successful season it was: with only 3 rounds competed at and a win, runner-up and a semi-finals loss, this is definitely the team to watch next season.