The weekend was off to a shaky start, when rain begun Thursday evening and continued throughout Friday, leading to the cancellation of Friday’s schedule. But the forecast for the remaining weekend was a positive one for the racers and also the fans.

Group 1 would now only have 2 qualifying sessions to cut the 10 cars entered to an 8 car field ready for eliminations.

The setup changes that the Reed team had applied seemed positive when 1st qualifying session the funnycar runs the quarter mile with a 5.63 ET placing them in 4th position.  After qualifying was complete the Allstar Batteries funnycar remained in 4th position.

The weather was great, the crowd was growing, and Sunday was eliminations.

Round 1 paired REED’s funnycar with the Western Australian dragster of MARCHANT. The funnycar slowed to a 5.70 ET @ 254 mph, but still took the win light from Marchant.

The semi-finals were controversial when REED & GAUCI were the last pairing in Top Alcohol, Gauci’s funnycar body had accidentally activated the lights, catching both drivers off card and left the teams confused. The meeting director confirmed there was a fault and the pairing would be re run.  This time the funnycar set a new PB with a 5.60 ET defeating Gauci’s funnycar.

The Reed team hasn't reached a final in sometime, this is exactly the way to kick start the season.  The final pairing was 2 funnycars but also 2 drivers’ that have been up against each other in finals many many times over their long driving careers. Phillips and Reed are the most experienced driving pair in Top Alcohol.

Steve Reed left Gary Phillips sitting on the line and was on a quick pass when just before the 400m mark the funnycar’s headers narrowly took out the centre timing blocks, disqualifying his run (5.62 @ 252 mph) and handing the win to Phillips.

However runner-up at a national event is not a small achievement and has proven they are on a winning setup and will take away the data from the weekend and continue on this successful setup.