Winternationals Rain-out

The unpredictable weather continued throughout Queensland when drag racers from all over Australia travelled to Willowbank Raceway to compete in the season finale.

This year’s new format had qualifying begin on Friday with group 2 & 3 kicking it off in the clear skies, Saturday continued with qualifying and some categories getting the opportunity to begin eliminations.

Group 1 qualifying got underway on Saturday. This year’s Top Alcohol category would have 14 Dragsters and Funnycars competing for the 8 car field.  Everyone knew they would have to bring everything they’ve got to just get into the 8 car field.  Would it be the fastest Top Alcohol field we’ve seen yet???

After competing in Sydney at the Nitro Champs in May the Reed Allstar Batteries Funnycar luckily enough escaped any major damage and would be fortunate enough to take the Funnycar testing the weekend prior to the Winternationals.  Reed did 4 test runs and after 3 x 5.7 sec passes decided they would have what it takes to qualify in the fast Top Alcohol field.

Q1 saw the Reed team send the Allstar Batteries Funnycar down the track suffering bad tyre shake off the line. The track was in optimum condition however slightly under estimated.  Reed knew the changes they needed to make for the next qualifying round.  However this run the Allstar Batteries Funnycar had 1 cylinder out for the entire run and recorded a 6.03 ET.   After the qualifying finished on Saturday the top performers where in the 5.5 sec  zone.

Unfortunately ¾ way through group 1 qualifying session 2, the clouds came over and rained out the remaining sessions.  Overnight the Willowbank team put a lot of consideration in and decided with the bureau predicting more rain still to come that their best option would be to postpone the event till 15th, 16th & 17th July. Understandable this is a huge decision for the track but an event as large as the Winternationals where championships are won and lost needs to be run in its entirety.

Stay tuned and get behind the Reed Racing team in July.  Top Alcohol will have 2 remaining sessions of qualifying on Saturday 16th and eliminations on Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing you there.