Length:  300mm

Width:  170mm

Height:  200mm

Weight:  24kg's

CCA:  730

Warranty:   24 months

Features & Benefits:

All Power-Sonic Maintenance Free Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids for improved resistance to corrosion, gassing, water usage, self-discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries.

  • Inbuilt Hydrometer - Indicates state of charge
  • Factory Sealed - Makes the battery maintenance free
  • Polypropylene Case - Reinforced design is tailored to support the battery elements to withstand road, shock and vibration
  • Liquid-gas Separator area - Returns liquid to reservoir for longer life
  • Integrated handle - For ease of transportation and installation
  • Flame Arrestor - Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimises acid leakage and prevents inflow of dust
  • Heat Sealed Covers - Helps prevent electrolyte contamination and increased strength
  • Centred Cast on Plate Strap - Stronger than thinner gas-burned connectors
  • Low Resistance envelope separators - Encapsulated negtive plates help to prevent shorting between negative and positive plates.

Cross References:

NX120-7LCT, N70ZZL, MF95D31L, S95D31LHD

RRP:  $210.00