marineDon't let your battery stop you jumping the waves, fishing, sailing o renjoying the sun on our deep blue waters.

We have a range of ACDelco, Optima, & Power Sonic that will suit all your marine battery requirements.

Got a ski boat, jet ski, fishing boat or any marine craft?  Just let us know the make, model and year and also what accessories you will need to run off the battery and we can get you out on the water again with the correct boat battery or jet ski battery.

ACDelco Marine Batteries

The range of ACDelco Marine Batteries combine benefits of a deep cycle and starting battery with the advantage of a maintenance free battery. They are built tough with proven reliability to power you through the toughest conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Completely sealed design means no leakage or spilage.
  • High resistance to heat & vibration damage.
  • Low self discharge rate.
  • Low gassing rate means reduced explosion hazard during charging.
  • Built in hydrometer to check battery condition at a glance.

ACDelco Marine Battery Range

Power Sonic Marine Range

Mainly for Jet Ski use

High quality, yet competitively priced Power Sonic Super Sport Series batteries offers a complete line of batteries to meet all of your Powersport needs.

There are three kinds of powersport batteries:

  • Conventional
  • Sealed Maintenance Free
  • Factory Activated Maintenance Free

Power Sonic Marine Battery Range

Optima Marine Range

Blue Top

Available in start and dual purpose

  • True Deep cycle that charges in one hour from alternator
  • Start batteries Superior Cranking at 800cca
  • Deep Cycle models with Superior Cranking at 750cca(55 amphour) and 900cca(75 amphour)
  • Drycell - non spillable
  • 2 year private use warranty, I year commercial warranty.
  • Can be mounted on side
  • 15 times more resilient to vibration
  • 2 extra stainless steel threaded terminals

Optima Marine Battery Range

PIX50BS - $150.00
M31SMF900- $305.00
M27SMF750 - $270.00
M24SMF600- $235.00
OPTIMA 34M - Please call
OPTIMA D34M- Please call
MBTX30U - $225.00
PTX20CHBS - $150.00
PTX19CLBSFS - $155.00
PIX30CLBSFS - $185.00
CB16CL-B - $120.00
MBTX20UHD - $180.00

We have the northside & southside of Brisbane covered when it comes to your marine battery requirements so drop into our main store at Brendale & Caboolture, or showroom at Underwood. Contact us or give Allstar Batteries Brendale a call on (07) 3889 9204 & Caboolture (07) 5309 4905 North Lakes (07) 3142 3662 & Underwood 0477 577 513.