Nitro Battery Chargers


Sinergex Nitro™ series are advanced digital automatic battery chargers. Compact in size, Nitro chargers can literally fit in the palm of your hand. Constructed from ultra tough ABS plastic, the Nitro is IP65 water proof and suitable for almost any environment.

BENEFITS:nitro 1000

  • No spark technology
  • Push button selectable programming
  • Temperature compensation
  • Automatic protection
  • Audible warning lights
  • Quick connect DC cables

Using microprocessors, the Nitro will assess the condition of your battery and then provide the optimum in 4 stages. The Nitro has the ability to recover severely discharged batteries with Soft Start Technology. During this charging stage the Nitro will deliver a soft charge or reduced current charge until the battery's voltage reaches 12 volts. The charging stages Bulk, Absorption and Float will then follow.

The Nitro's Touch Button front panel allows you to control the charger at the touch of a finger. Simply select the type of battery being charged and its voltage and the Nitro will do the rest. The user panel also features easy to read LED status indicators so you know when your battery is charged.

The Nitro includes Smart DC Battery Connectors for simple use and increased safety and performance. Built in voltage and temperature sensors measures the temperature and voltage at the battery terminals and automatically adjust the voltage for an optimum charge. The Smart Connectors also incorporate a warning buzzer and LED to warn of incorrect connection. The Smart connectors are also protected by Anti-Spark technology for safe operation.